Furniture & Decorative Items

Late 19th Century, Oak writing/library table - original brass castors - two drawers to the front and dummy drawers to the back, with matching handles

Price: £385.00

C.1960: lifebelt from the Brixham Belle, Cowes.  

Brixham Belle was built in 1960 as a 'Gentleman's Motor Yacht' in Cowes, and named George Henry.  The gentleman concerned could not pay for her on completion, and the builder converted her to a passenger excursion boat in order to sell her on quickly and cut his losses.  She was 48 gross tons and carried 120 passengers.

Brixham Belle was operated out of Brixham for many years by Ernie Cudd and family who mainly ran excursions to Dartmouth and up the river Dart during the day, and 'Illuminations Cruises' around Torbay after dark.  She was much loved by holiday makers and locals alike.  She is now in Gibraltar, still in daily use on dolphin watching trips, and still named Brixham Belle.

Price: £165.00

C.1900: Schweppes: wooden, syphon crate for 6 bottles

Price: £68.00

Three, graduated, copper funnels

Price: £23.00 each

Four graduated, copper haystack pitchers


Large £38.00

Medium £28.00

2 x smaller £26.00 each

Wooden bowl with carved edge

Price: £42.00

Small, late 19th century/early 20th century, narrow scoop

 Price: £26.00

Four, small, copper-faced, printing blocks

Price: £24.00 for all four blocks

Small, metal pin/needle case with label: George Harper, Clothier and Draper, 7 Kay Street, Rawtenstall

Price: £28.00

Early 20th century: brass dish made by Metal Containers Ltd

Price: £28.00

19th Century, brass door knocker (unpolished)

Price: £44.00

Late 19th/early 20th century shop display: large, painted artist's easel

Height 36 x Width (max) 21.25inches

Price: £125.00

Birmingham, 1915.  Slim cane with hook handle and silver cap to end, monogrammed 'DV'.  Brass and steel ferrule. Maker: JH

Price: £38.00

C. Early 20th century: antler-handled walking stick.

Price: £32.00

Walking stick with large, wooden pommel.  Brass and steel ferrule (hardly worn).

Price: £42.00

19th Century mahogany voting box with later voting beads

Price: £145.00

Large, wooden horse measure with lead plumb-bob.  Impressed with the initials 'JWSP'.

Height 78.25"

Price: £80.00

Globe Wernicke: single, card index drawer

Width 17.5cms (7") x Height 12.5cms (5") x Depth 32.5cms (12.75")

Price: £75.00

Two, shop advertising, Cadbury's dummy chocolate bars

Each measure: Length 14cms (5.5") x Height 4.5cms (1.75")

Price: £16.00 each (1 SOLD)

Pair of Philip Clissett, Ash ladderback chairs with Elm seats

Price: £145.00

Cardboard, advertising box: Pleasance & Harper Limited, Watchmakers, Jewellers & Silversmiths of 4 Wine Street, Bristol

Dimensions: 16cms (6.25") square

Price: £22.00

Circular, Oak mirror

Diameter 45cms (17.75")

Price: £165.00

'Hat' brush

Price: £45.00

Large, 'Burtons' clothes brush

Length 38.5cms (15.25")

Price: £35.00

A pair of small, brass and slate garnitures in the shape of urns

Price: £50.00 (1 SOLD)

Late 19th Century copper 'Instra' handwarmer in its original red velvet carrying bag

Price: £80.00

Copper and brass bucket

Height 24cms (9.5") x Diameter of opening 26.5cms (10.5")

Price: £72.00

Coopered barrel with brass swing handle

Height 38cms (15")

Diameter of opening 22cms (8.75")

Price: £95.00

Coopered barrel with brass bands and swing handle

Height 39cms (15.25")

Diameter of opening 23cms (9")

Price: £95.00

Long, bamboo shepherd's crook with cast iron top

Price: £45.00

Pair of hand-forged, cast iron fire dogs

Dimensions of both: Height 11" x Depth 8.25"

Price: £24.00

Shaped, metal, agricultural broadcast seed box, with leather carrying straps

Price: £65.00

Mahogany, tripod lamp table

Height 75cms (29.5")

Diameter of Top 25.5cms (10")

Price: £110.00

Mirror in turned wood Oxford frame

Price: £68.00

19th Century Indian miniature painting in carved wooden frame, of the Khas-Mahal (Emperor's Private Palace) within the Red Fort in Delhi.  It shows the screen at the south end, with its semi-circular panel depicting stars over a crescent moon, and the scales of justice. Below the panel is a lattice on a floral pattern. Water flowed through the marble channel beneath it.

Price: £145.00

1965: NATO military wall-mounted fire blanket tin (empty and clean)

Price: £32.00

Mid-20th Century Maxwell House sack barrow

Price: £110.00

Uncommon barrel-shaped Lloyd Loom linen basket

Price: £48.00

Long, wooden, instrument box

Price: £58.00

2 billiard cue racks

Price: £28.00 each

Edwardian, porcelain loo pull on original brass chain

Price: £29.00

Industrial footrest

Price: £65.00

Ede & Sons, Robe Makers

Price: £32.00

Country-made, Hawthorne walking stick with brass ferrule and steel tip

Price: £58.00

Shepherd's crook

Please see below for details

Shepherd's crook walking stick

Price: £68.00

Pair of cast iron bridle racks

Price: £29.00 the pair

C.W.S. (Cooperative Wholesale Society): clothes brush

Price: £7.00

English & Scottish Co-operative Society: small cardboard advertising box

Price: £11.00

Cardboard advertising box: F Norville, Opthalmic Optician, Gloucester


Metal strongbox with leather-covered side handles

Price: £52.00

3 x Victorian, pine hanging racks with handmade wooden pegs, from a Lincolnshire farmhouse

Price: £28.00 each


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