Luggage & Leather Goods

EIIR: leather, government document case

Price: £65.00

Leather cigar case impressed with the initials 'W.H.O.'

Price: £55.00

Made in HMP Liverpool - leather holder

Price: £26.00

Leather key fobs

Price: £24.00 each

Leather satchel-style bag

Price: £55.00

WWII canvas and leather bed roll cover

Price: £120.00

Tan leather cigar case

Price: £48.00

Victorian riding crop with cast iron handle

Length 84.5cms

Price: £68.00

Larger, oval horse brush with leather handle

Price: £22.00

1718: Book of Common Prayer.  Printed by John Baskett, Oxford.  Full original leather binding.

Price: £75.00

Leather Greyhound collars

Price: £9.00 each

Canvas and leather cartridge bag

Price: £58.00

Leather cartridge bag

Price: £48.00

Leather scourge with wooden handle

Price: £34.00

Pair of early 20th century leather hedge mittens

Price: £58.00

Leather, veterinary poultice boot

Price: £24.00

Large, leather holdall by Drew & Sons, Piccadilly, London.
Condition Report: shabby but serviceable.

Price: £44.00

Leather bottle labels.

We have had these made from 19th century leather.

£29.00 each

A collection of leather-covered, swagger sticks

Priced (left to right): £44.00, £34.00, £34.00 and SOLD


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